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Stock up on bic lighters bulk or bic lighters wholesale from a reputable bic lighter wholesale distributor. Look for trusted companies that can offer the best products at a fair price when purchasing lighters in bulk. We strive to offer our customers secure, high-quality products at reasonable prices. We have a large selection of products available for shipping to your business. We closely monitor the quality from our suppliers to ensure that you only get the best products.

Product Details

Product: BIC Lighter
Form: Solid
Style: Classic
Color: Multicolors
Weight: 5 pounds
Product Dimensions: 19″L x 7.25″W x 8”Th
Minimum order: 20-foot container.



BIC Lighter Wholesale Distributor

One of the most well-known brands of lighters in bulk is BIC, and we have a vast selection of them in every style, size, and price point. Many contain humorous or interesting patterns, not to mention all the rainbow colors.Customers will likely choose a Bic over other brands because of how reliable and durable they are. You can buy bic lighters bulk from our company, a top industry leader in the wholesale distribution sector.
Our wide selection of designs includes many popular ones like Astrology, Zodiac, Casino, Flic My Bic, Outdoors, Tattoos, and Geometrics. Each BIC lighter is 100% Quality Inspected, safe, and child-resistant. Compared to the next full-size top brand, BIC lighters wholesale provides up to twice as much light. Throughout the manufacturing process, every BIC lighter goes through more than 50 different automatic quality checks.
The most frustrating aspect of lighters is probably how quickly they wear out and stop working. The only exception are wholesale bic lighters. BIC Pocket Lighters won’t ever leave you in the dark, whether you’re lighting a birthday candle or preparing for an emergency. The big lighters wholesale, which comes with 50 packs, is perfect if your business. The lighters always provide the exact quantity of flame that is required every time they illuminate. This explains why black bic lighters bulk dominate the market because it is something that many other lighters cannot perform. Buy lighters in bulk right away to avoid all issues and annoyances caused by inferior lighters.

Buy lighters In Bulk

Order your customers favorite lighters bulk from one of the largest suppliers around and stock up your shelves. Also remember that the price for each item is provided by box or tray. We offer global shipping for our cheap lighters bulk. Therefore, you should not worry about shipping complications if you reside anywhere else other than in Europe. Buy bulk lighters online from an Official bic lighter wholesale distributor to ensure that they are sent in conformity with all laws and are genuine BIC products. More than 50 meticulous individual quality and safety inspections have been performed on every BIC Pocket Lighter. The International Organization for Standardization, the American Society for Testing and Materials, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, and other governmental organizations have all set requirements for lighter safety that all BIC lighters must meet or surpass.
Nothing is more durable than a Bic when it comes to brand recognition. They’ve been around for a very long time, and your father and even grandfather once used a Bic. We provide the greatest lighters bulk available at the most affordable costs. Please feel free to contact us if you’re interested in purchasing bic lighters wholesale.

Safety must always come first.

Keep away from children Pure isobutane fuel is used in bic lighters bulk, and each lighter can produce up to 3,000 lights. Each pocket lighter is safe even when used at a 45-degree angle and offers a consistent A child-resistant lighter doesn’t mean it is child-proof. A lighter is considered child-resistant if at least 85% of children under the age of 51 months are unable to use it. Accordingly, up to 15% of kids might still be able to use a lighter of this type. Therefore, even if lighters are child-resistant, adults should always make sure that they are out of reach of young children.


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